Friday 1 December 2023

11 years of ownership

Poor Percy is sitting patiently waiting on a frozen Shroppie. In years past when living aboard with lovely much missed Leia Percy was a warm haven in a cold frozen landscape. Life moves on and we are in a cold frozen landscape in the moorlands of Staffordshire, albeit in a warm cottage . Life would be boring if it was the same all the time.

So as  the blog says we've owned Percy for 11 years. I remember collecting Percy from Tony and his wistful watching expression as I chugged away with his pride and joy. That trip was a challenge with frozen canals only being saved by Callisto the coal boat who broke the ice for us as we followed through Nuneaton.  Rachel and son no2 Callum came to help me get Percy back to Fradley. 

I look back and reflect on how active I was and how ambitious I was also, and I was still working full on ... no retirement on the horizon in 2012 ! We had two boats when Percy came back so still had to get all the stuff moved across and Waterlily cleaned and polished ready for brokerage.

I should look back at photos more ..... another blog about that soon

Final photo of no 1 son Tom and his now wife Courtney with Leia on Percy at Fradley  all very very happy memories. 

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