Thursday 4 January 2024

First wheels turning of 24

OK not boating but another passion....

Due to family commitments, a horrid virus and then Rachel getting the virus my time on two wheels lately has been limited. Today was the first day when I got the chance to turn a wheel. It was a Screwfix visit to buy another angle grinder and disk to remove the old mortar on one of my chimneys as its got a leak !! Normally a 20 minute run to Ashbourne ( or Leek) but todays was Ashbourne but it gave me the opportunity to go the longer way via Ilam and Dovedale. As to be expected there was a lot of surface water on the lanes and a lot of mud. Tools acquired then a slight reverse but I added in Wetton the Manifold valley Grindleford then Foxt to home. 

Descending into the Manifold valley the mist dropped the temp to about 3c. Back home just after sunset. Felt a bit bad the Himmy was a bit messy but I'm due a ride on Saturday with the Royal Enfield peeps with a couple of the new 452's. Set up by the dealer who I've got a reservation on the 452 with and the run on Saturday has some light green lanes to a pub in the peaks where RE are providing lunch. Not done such before so subject to frost looking forward to it. Then the Himmy will get a clean!

One thing the 452 has to be a good step change and more better than my humble 411 as today it was the perfect bike to be out and about on. O and yes when getting fuel in Ashbourne got two fellas talking to me about their bikes when they saw the Himmy..... 

Did you get out today boat or bike ? 



Manifold valley

Looking right across north Staffordshire, on a clear day you can see the Wrekin 

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