Tuesday 9 January 2024

Bucket list stuff

Sorry more bike related. I have an adventure bike  that was designed and built and tested in the Himalayas and the mountains of Wales. It is a belter and those of you who have found my YouTube channel will have seen some of its adventures. 

Anyhow a week before Christmas when I was feeling $hit with the man flu I got a call from the bike dealer I brought the bike from inviting me for a day of Green Lane'ing in early January. I wasn't sure it was for me but I said put me down as a maybe. On Saturday I was frosty and 1 degree and  I had doubts but it is times like that you have to push yourself or really start a rapid decline. So I layered up and set off in foggy 'cool' temps but was rewarded within 5 minutes of view of cloud inversions along the early part of the route.... I should have taken photos !

Got to Bob Minions in Derby and was offered coffee and a warm welcome before we ( 6 bikes - all Himalayans ) headed off to meet other like minded souls at the Square and Compass pub in Darley Dale. 

We were told it was gentle green lanes  - bit of gravel etc but we got mud, rocks 30 feet of 1 foot deep water filled trenches - a few fell off, pleasingly I didn't but we all had fun and on the return to the pub we were fed and watered - an excellent day.

Note to self live each day and take as many opportunities as you can....

A couple of pics 


Tom and Jan said...

It looks like your 'belter' found a 450 to cuddle up to???

Nev Wells said...

It might have to get used to its new stable mate and if the reviews are true the new model is a belter plus !! Got one yet?

Nick said...

You're spot on there, as you get older it seems to become ever more tempting to say "I don't want to be bothered with that", and if you're not careful you withdraw from everything. But push yourself into taking part and you are glad you did.

Useful reminder for us all