Thursday 8 February 2024

I visited a canal

Lots of stuff on however  impacted and restricted by me tweaking my back in the garden.... moved a ton bag of top soil from the back yard to the front garden - ok. Cleaned out the pond snd filters - Ok, last job just move that 20kg bag of top soil - hinged and twisted and pop went my back !! 

So two weeks later I was able to get in to the garage and get the wheels off one of my bikes  - Honda NC750x and on picking Rachel up from a nice brrak in Bath with her long time friend we called and had two new tired on my 'loose wheels' £304 lighter they sat in the garage waiting for me to fit the wheels back on the bike.

In the mean time I had a rare dry day that coincided with a trip to my lads house in Chinley to meet a contractor. I went the long way via Millers Dale and Peak Forest. After a meeting and a tea in the local cafe i headed off to Bollington for another tea stop at Clarence mills on the Macclesfield canal. 

I finished the day with a trip into Macc to the Superbike warehouse massive place with so many bits of temptation for me as a 45 year + riding bikes.

A good day and I saw a canal  - hopefully more on canals and Percy next week !  

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