Tuesday 20 February 2024

More delays to Percy

We should have been on Percy for our 39th Wedding anniversary - in fact it's one of the few years lately we've not been aboard. All was planned then v2 of this covid type cold virus hit me so I wanted to be near a bath instant hot water and stable heat - yep a complete wuss ! 

We have so much 'on' at the moment it's hard to get the time to give Percy our full attention. It'll get easier as we progress into spring as odd overnights arn't so bad as temps make overnighting easier. Many years ago I blogged about big decisions and we need to make one soon,  we need to be able to get to Percy more often and make Percy a priority rather than a standby.... that's on us. 

I've just watched one of the you tube channels I follow - Gone with the Wynns  - they have just taken their new catamaran over and have sailed away from China. The reason for the mention is that they were on the Llangollen canal I think last year while the boat was being built... small world. 

Their channel and others inspired us to get a sailing holiday ( tick)  for two weeks around the Ionia seas.... truly fantastic but not for me long tern, there was a time I thought it might be but heat and other things put me off... but a great thing to say we've done.

Anyhow Percy is booked for a blacking in May at Overwater  - I'm discouraged from doing it as it wasn't pleasant last time with nearly being overcome by fumes in the dock.... so we will have to be there and ensure its done properly.... 

Some random photos to make this blog make sense; 

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