Sunday 7 April 2024

Kathleen batters Percy

Seems we have a new storm and therefore a new name 'Kathleen' is hitting us as we are aboard Percy for an unprecedented long weekend  after only just being here two weeks ago - Five months no visits then two in two weeks !! 

Part of the reason is to fettle the donk on Percy. Five months is a long time to leave an old engine so I want to get inside and oil up the journals just as the 1929 vintage book advises. 

Not done it yet... typing this Friday night before the storm hits but will update with a few pics when it's done and we have the engine thumping aways all oiled up !!

A bit of a split saw me start the work about 4pm last night  ( sat) and finish up with the engine running after three hours Sunday. To get into the crank door I have to drain the block, remove the pulley guard. Then remove the Alternator the water pump and the starter then the lower water elbows. i can then open the 'door' to check the bottom end ( all good) and for good measure give the bearings a good oil before she starts up. Then its the reverse process  - 6 hours all in all but I feel better knowing the bits that need oil have it and the pump and dippers will do the rest going forward. Some pictures  - I take loads to ensure it all goes back as it should mainly the electrical connections. 

Still blowing hard out side  - we will try for a little cruise tomorrow if possible but not of its still blowing 

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