Monday 20 May 2024

Two grandchildren later and maggots

 Its been a while and I really should fill the gap between April 7th and now - but that's later maybe.

We've had Percy booked for blacking at overwater for many months on recommendation from Mandy our boaty neighbour. We've not been able to get to Percy due to family stuff and health stuff (us) with Rachel getting a nasty virus off one of the Grandkids on Mothers day and still struggling with it now. I'm sure it's another covid varient. A quite horrible virus.

Anyhow life goes on and  Lyra Ivy and George Eric both now safely arrived to grow our lovely family and we are so proud of our sons daughter in laws and the other grandkids. It's a worry and it'll never go away but we are blessed and life has worries but it also has joy.  

So lots happened between  the last update and now but we needed to move Percy to Overwater for the 20th. So we arrived loaded up with bikes and Ecoflows to in the pouring rain to find our farmer landlord for some reason had strimmed our little bit of grass all over the boat. if he'd strimmed the other way it would have gone onto the bank!! I was doubly annoyed as I'd brought a replacement grass box to cut the grass as I must have left the original on the mooring and I can only assume it was nicked or blown into the cut !! Grrrrrr 

So pissing down with rain grass all over the boat I set to getting the hose out to fill with water and wash the grass off then I notice maggots on the roof - bloody anglers I thought only then I see them on the non towpath side of the boat crawling up the we side ! Not being squeamish I start picking them off then notice the dead pigeon between the boat and the armoco alive with maggots !! That got persuaded out  with a stick but the maggots kept coming  - they were in the vegetation that ironically said farmer thankfully had not strimmed growing out of the armco. So then it was angry gardener time removing all that including some giant hogweed that has burn me before with the sap  -  so that was dealt with with thick gloves on.

Onto the boat and it was an oil change  - 9 litres of Morris sae 30... checked the oil pump was pumping and topped up the coolant from the last time we were on the boat  - checking the inners of the crank and oiling the bearings prior to a overdue engine start.

For the record the oil was change at 1054 hours. 

Finally got all done and onto the boat for a nice night but it was so wet we lit the fire ! 

More to come !

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