Thursday 30 May 2024

Ouch that stung a bit !

BOAT - Bring Out Another Thousand ( or two in this case ) as they say .....

It is only when you commission third party work at home or the boat do you realise what savings you or in this case I achieve  by doing it yourself. However there comes a time due to the work type and  age sometimes in combination that passing the job to the professionals makes sense. This has been the case with our blacking and some welding. The former I can do and have done in the past  - the last three blacking we did ourselves but the last one at Stone was a challenge as Rachel was delayed so I did the first coat myself and the dock filled with fumes and I went home feeling very sick  - like I was 6 pints drunk !!

I have to reconcile myself to the thinking I paid someone to do the work on the boat but I've done just about all the conversion on the workshop at home ( bar plastering it  - I've done all the plasterboard and trims etc)  so the budget I set myself for the conversion by someone else means the savings will pay for the boat work and leave a few K's spare for holidays or motorbikes !

This is a short update as all being well we will be back aboard tomorrow bringing Percy back home unless.....!!!!

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