Tuesday 28 May 2024

Meeting hero's and our new granddaughter

Right back we go to do a bit of catching up for my care home memories!!

So it's for now the 10 - 12th April and I'm off to meet a hero of mine I've read his books and followed him on Youtube  - Nathan Millward. He rode his 125cc Australian postie bike back from Australia then took it to the East coast of America and rode it across the States then from the west coast to Alaska.

Now he runs a taster day on smaller capacity bikes on the lanes and trails of north Devon.  Plus he organises trips to America Ireland Iceland and the UK. I rode down the day before and stayed in a B&B I've stopped in twice before at Coombe Martin. The ride down was very wet and I went on my 750cc bike for this trip.

This is a stop in Dartmoor. I don't mind riding in the wet is helps the concentration and skill levels. Over time I have acquired the right gear so don't suffer wet hands or feet or crotch !! 

Rattling across Exmoor on my bike in the rain and mist was a mind emptying experience. My bikes are my anti depressants I'm not sure what I'd do without the ability to take off and explore meet people and see places. 

The next day I was meeting up with Brian Allen Trev and his lad Jim and Nathan. We just rode bikes all day swapping between us riding one off road trail but it was sooooo wet we opted to say on the little lanes for the rest of the day. Great to have such an ambassador for small capacity bikes - they were all 350-450cc range and a personable knowledgeable fella as our guide to his back yard ( he was the editor of the Adventure bike magazine for a while iirc) Loved the day liked the Himalayan  - no surprise there and the little CCM ex forces bikes he was also selling a batch from the manufacturer as the UK forces don't use them anymore 

Some photos of blokes doing what blokes do best ....

Me and Nathan  - we are planning a dryer trip back maybe autumn time as he'll have different bikes then. 

The trip back on the Friday was chalk and cheese and I chose to ride over the Seven bridge and wend my way up through the Welsh Marches. A long but enjoyable day on the bike 

The next day on bike cleaning duties I found some metal I'd exported from Devon !! I carry a plug kit so it was a easy repair and the tyre is only about 1000 miles old I'll monitor it. 

My mum who recently turned 89 is sadly now in a care home so I visit when I can and take her out for a drive and tea and cake. I've four sisters so she gets out and about a lot still. She is from a generation of getting on with it and self reliance she lived independently until she was 88, never complains and is always smiling  - Be like Beryl !! 

Here she is at the windmill cafe near Ilkeston. Life and memories are precious

Our next event was looking after the two grandkids while son and daughter in law went off to provide another for us  - Baby Lira Ivy she's our first granddaughter and we went back a day or so later after helping out with new batteries for their new car that  thankfully  let me down on the school run not mum and new baby !!  

Don't know where that gormless smile came from - maybe a bit overwhelmed !!

More updates to come in this interlude!! 

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