Sunday 26 May 2024

Out we come - all very efficient

Haul out day and we were advised there was to be boat shuffles as there was a very tired looking Braidbar boat going into the paint shed. We were up at seven to start unloading and closing down the boat  - emptying cassettes etc. We got the call at 11 and very efficient Matt and his oppo got Percy onto the trailer and out of the water. 

Never a relaxing time but they were efficient and confident.

While Percy had her bottom jet washed we went for a tad expensive breakfast at the cafe - again nice people and nice service. Overwater is a nice marina like Great Haywood on steroids !

A chat with Matt about the hull... a few pits that need filling nothing bad as she'd passed her 30 year hull survey just over two years ago. We could have relaxed on the survey but while she was out it made sense to take the opportunity. I was pleased how well our DIY blacking had held up over the past two and a half years. The bigger issue was the weather, I'd not factored in they black outside so we agreed with the welding and the weather we'd not expect Percy to be back in on the Friday as originally agreed,  we settled on them to take the time needed to do it around the weather. We will adjust our plans accordingly. 

So for now I'm up to date .... while we wait out the call to come and fetch our boat I'll try and fill a few gaps... more for my record of my life in retirement but might be of interest to you who follow this blog.   

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