Tuesday, 15 January 2013

CaRT doing their job... well maybe

Got a call from CaRT on my answerphone at home yesterday. I rang back today and after a little bit of answerphone chess, I spoke to a nice lady who advised me Percy was without licence and as I was the owner what was I going to do about it.

Good they picked this up, I do not like license evasion, however the fact I had sent off the transfer forms for ownership in ignorance of the fact this did not start the license application process was a questionable failing. I suppose it is my error that I was not aware I had to apply for a new license as well as send off the ownership forms. The boat does carry a license till the end of January but it is a trade license, I thought I could use that until the ownership transfer went through.

I am a little peeved as I have another boat stuck in a marina not being used, I can hardly use both boats at the same time... or rather I would not use both boats at the same time. Anyhow she is sending me the paperwork to now apply for the license.

I am also in the process of transferring my mooring over.... and CaRT have offered for me to pay the difference pro rata to keep the renewal at the same month, which is good otherwise I'd be having to pay out for both license and mooring just before Christmas.

So quite soon I will be much lighter in the pocket again for license and extra mooring, still a bit peeved I cannot cash in my old license, still the new owners will get a grace period and a little more value from Waterlily.

Now about those engine room jobs....

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