Monday, 7 January 2013

The power of the blog gets us a bog

Oh dear, sorry about that title but could not help myself, could not hold it in you might say !!

Ok I'll stop now. The reason for the post it to comment on how good the blogging medium is for advice and in this instance mutual benefit. Mike of NB Duxllandyn contacted me after I posted about a few changes we would be making to Percy, one being the replacement of the camping loo that for reasons I'd better not expand on did not fit the bill.

Mike is in the process of having a pump out fitted and therefore has a cassette loo for sale. A few photos were supplied as it was considered  prudent when buying a second hand loo and we are happy to make the purchase with a couple of spare cassettes - essential for a cassette loo install.

Ok, here goes on the pump out v's cassette debate.

I don't like pump outs, influenced by our ownership days of smelly loos. Also one trip when the flush stuck and our guest left the tank slowly filling... whereby we lost a lot of time finding a pump out that worked on the Stratford canal (Kingswood basin as I recall) and then the card would not work properly...then there was the time on the Caldon that saw me running the towpath to get a card from the exotic animal farm .....  and the fact there is only certain items that can go into the pump out for fear of jamming up the pump out machine. And finally the cost of getting rid..... unless you have a big tank, with monthly pump outs the cost would be high. If I did ever have a pump out I'd be investing in a self pump out machine as a back up and winter life saver.... did I mention freezing in and not being able to pump out??

I don't really like cassettes if the truth be known... I prefer sewers and flush toilets.... but I like boating. If we were living aboard we would have a new style composting loo that a few have fitted, including Jaq and Les on NB Valerie. But I fear our infrequent use would result in a less than perfect and smelly (unless we left the fan running) loo.

Ok, I have done the loo debate now and you know where I sit on the matter (sorry). Thanks Mike for the trade.... I hope I have not put you off the pump out retrofit, I am sure it will be a good job(bie) oh, dear off to bed now !

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Captain Ahab said...

We are singing off the same loo sheet on this subject Nev.