Saturday, 12 January 2013

The power and the glory

The boat experience is significantly impaired when you have low levels of water, gas, diesel and electricity, the only level you like to keep low is your own waste. In fact boating during this time of the year is all about ongoing monitoring and topping up..

So today has seen us improve our electricity storage with the swapping out of 2. X 90 ah batteries of unknown age with 2x 110ah batteries. On Waterlily I replaced the batteries with sealed type as getting to check and top up was near impossible unless you had some contortionist genes. The two I have just put in are normal wet unsealed types, perfect for the job in hand. I am still trying to work out if it makes more sense to have fewer batteries as they should take less time to charge, but I suppose quicker to discharge. On reflection it is about the demand you put on them.

Anyhow tonight the tv is installed albeit with a temp aerial solution and the fuse replaced after I wired the amplified incorrectly doh !

I have lashed up the hours counter as well, I need a small box to mount it into now, I may make one at home and paint it black to fit just above the box that takes the electric start key and charging meter.

I also filled the water tank in the dark tonight the last job. I was then able to calibrate the water meter I have fitted. I am pleased with the capacity, it takes some while to fill and has lasted us since I brought Percy back from Braunston. It also allowed me to take a bath, nothing better after a cold day working in and outside of the boat.

Finally the last level was reduced, that of the cassette. I don't like the camping type loo we have and can't wait to get the much more civilised plumbed in toilet from Mike.

So sitting here toasty warm, reading blogging and waiting for match of the day.... Not at all bad really !


Adam said...

Hi Nev -- the article you asked about is indeed in that issue. I can scan it an email it to you if you want; let me have your email address and I'll send it to you.

Nev Wells said...

Hi Adam,

That would be great,

My email address is