Friday, 10 May 2013

Chugging through the Narrows

I took this the other day just before Autherley junction, no apologies I just enjoy listening to the engine.

We have spent the day in Brewood just resting up and sitting out the high winds and rain, however as I type this at 11am it is sunny but very windy with quite a few boats on the move.


Kevin said...

There's only one word for that video Nev...


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful noise

I'm guessing maybe 180rpm ( 3 beasts a second)


Anonymous said...

ermmm, for beasts read beats


Nev Wells said...


I have been trying to establish cruising RPM.... other than counting I might have to get some form of marker on the output shaft to the large pulley wheel.

Kev, thanks for the comment.


Halfie said...

I make it 4.5 beats per second, which is 270 per minute so, for a four-stroke engine and two cylinders, that would be 270 rpm. What a lovely sound!