Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Well it was three thanks to John and Louise

We are on our blacking outward bound cruise. Unlike Bruce and Sheila who took three weeks we are due for 6 days out and three days back, such are the limitations of the still working boaters. On Sunday when we set off it was fine and sunny and has been since. We were held up to the point of missing our first destination by a boater who pulled out in front of us at Kings Bromley and went zig zagging all the way to Rugeley at tickover, so bad we assumed it was  drink related. No real issue we ended up mooring just after Brindleys aqueduct, they are not bad moorings and as good as bridge 69.

Monday I nearly missed John and Loiuse on Blue Moon we exchanged a few words.... with John suggesting 6 boats queuing at Colwick lock after my last post..... this enabled us to drop to tickover for the long approach that resulted in just three boats in the queue. It stil took us over an hour as a boat coming down had sent a lock wheeling crew who held the lock for ages while their boat eventually arrived !!

We moored up Monday night just above Deepmore lock after having spend a nice few hours walking around Shrugborough. The canal from Tixell (very busy) to Deepmore is really quite undervalued and a favourite stretch for us. This morning we set of for a mid day arrival to Penkridge to enable us to get Ross off the boat and for a pub lunch, Ross has limited mobility. This worked well and we set off again for a late afternoon/evening cruise  mooring up just a mile or so from the Fox and Anchor at Cross Green  where we will drop off my mum who is being collected by my brother in law Bill.

Then we may well just hole up and wait until the forecast bad weather to pass before hopping up to Norbury over Friday/Saturday.


Blue Moon said...

Good to see you if only briefly Nev. Have a good trip up to Norbury. Hope to catch up sometime soon.

Julie said...

Hi Nev, Is that normal then, for a lock crew to reserve a lock whilst others wait on patiently???