Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Over to you Norbury...

We woke to a cold Saturday and the need to return home for parental care reasons, many phone calls had been made and received over the weeks holiday.

As we had passed Norbury the evening before and it was 'full' in the basin plus it was turn around day and we had arrived a day early (we are due in the dry dock Sunday to Wednesday) I popped in to see David who asked us to moor on the 48 hour mooring outside the pub. Thankfully this was now free so we had to cruise on to the winding hold in Grub street.

Just as we were preparing to leave a day boat full of young men came passed, plenty of laughing and drinking, possibly a stag do.. the photo is not great as my super camera picked the ariel as its focus but they seemed to be rocking the boat while walking the roof !!

I was glad to leave them to go off on their adventure while I winded (badly)

We had good reason to think of Sue of NB Retirement with no problem as I used our Shroppie wheels for the first time Friday night....

Excuse the lash up as they were done in a hurry... PPPPPP (proper planning prevents pi$$ poor performance and all that !!) 

We (me and a couple of friends) are due back to Norbury in the morning to collect Percy and bring him back to Fradley for the weekend. Lets hope I am reporting good things about the job done, I have no reason to doubt Norbury, they have been very helpful and responsive to date.

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