Thursday, 3 October 2013

Possibly the best mooring....

Whenever we go away returning via the wooded section before Woodend lock is special. We are now moored here after a 6 hour run from above Hoo Mill lock. I really think this is one of my top five favourite moorings.

We stayed above Hoo  Mill lock for a couple of days, venturing into Uttoxeter via Hixon on Wednesday. It should have been Stafford but we misjudged the walk to Hixon and missed the Stafford bus ! The only problem with going to Uttoxeter was the last bus was not until 5pm and we were dropped in there at 2.15pm. We ended up getting a taxi back that whilst more money meant we did not have the walk from to the  A51 from Hixon.

Today the weather forecast was for rain at 2pm so we left at nine hoping to miss the rain, we took it in turns to breakfast, and make it most of the way back. It started raining at 1.30 so we can't really complain but it did rain heavy. The benefit of the trad is little of you gets wet or none of you if you use a brolly. I did get a little cold so the bath is being run... !!

It was a really misty bucolic morning, lovely autumn cruising, best time of the year. 

The Great Haywood water point was busy as usual. the nearest boat had untied ready to go but waited, I let them out in front, 

This boat belongs to Ian parrot who I used to know when in the print industry. I think he now works for the New and Used at Mercia. 

This bloke and his dog were videoing Percy, when he understands how to get videos onto the blog via Youtube you may even see it !!

The weather was closing in  Rugeley power station is in there somewhere. 

So I might get some fishing in if the rain stops, or I might just kick back and read with a dram or two. How you continuos cruisers do it i don't know !!

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