Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Some days ....

... need to be recorded as they are small jewels in life, nothing fantastic but reminders how easy it is to get pleasure in this life. Some days you should reflect on what is takes to enjoy life and how simple it can all be.

Yesterday we headed off for a few days, destination Stone but we headed to Alrewas to wind first. The Fradley flight was managed by four volunteers all happy to be helping and passing on some wisdom to boaters however experienced !

We then boated off to Rugely for shopping, not giving Tesco the business. It cannot be good for Rugely to have such a retail vampire on its doorstep?

Into the late afternoon we completed this hop and moored between bridges 68 and 69, in one of the cut outs in the reeds we have passed many times before well before the huddle of boats opposite the pig farm. The trains have kept us company but we don't mind that it is the best was to move freight.

Last night the fire was lit, it got too warm too quickly but it was nice to have the fire aboard again.

Just a few pics of the journey and the mooring last night

An empty Fradley, it has a different character this time of year

The above are from last nights mooring

My lads brought me a nice 15 year old single malt for my birthday. A big sorrow for me is that my dad never saw any of my boats, he liked fishing and drinking so would have been at home aboard. I always have a whiskey with him when aboard, cheers dad.

Today after the engine checks it is is a 12 mile and 6 lock cruise to Stone where we will pick up Rachel's mum tomorrow.

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Halfie said...

Looks a bit precarious sitting on the engine like that!

Nev Wells said...


It did not stay there for long !