Wednesday, 2 October 2013

That lock.....

After Woodend on the Trent and Mersey going north there is a long pound that culminates in Colwich lock. It is always a lottery as to the wait time based on the number of boats there from the long pound. It is not helped by the bridge 69 moorings that on departure is their first lock.

So yesterday we got going after waiting for a share boat to approach and pass. We were just short of bridge 69 and as I approached....

Diesel at 76p a litre was the attraction.

We manoeuvred through the departing and moored boats and as we approached the Woolsley bridge mooring a boat darted out in front of me.... now if I see a boat approaching I wait, but some do not, he did not look back at all ... says it all to me, but no problem we were out to enjoy.

I deliberately dropped to tickover knowing there would be at least two boats but there were five there...

Once again no problem, it certainly reinforces the fact you cannot and maybe should not plan each day down to the last lock mile !

It was a nice place to wait and to chat to other boater... interestingly the boater who nipped out did not catch my eye.

About 1 hour and 10 mins to get through the lock. We watered at an empty Great Haywood then departed for favourite waters north of Great Haywood not done for a couple of years.

Various phone and text messages saw us terminating well short of Stone at the winding hole up from Great Haywood after Hoo Mill lock, shame but needs must. We moored up on the 48 hour moorings near Hixon, a place we have stopped and enjoyed before, a little close to the road but it gets few walkers so nice and private.

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