Saturday, 3 September 2016

Resources and reality

Small post today after returning to the house from the boat. Circumstances meant we passed the use of the house to a little family more in need than us for a few days.

It meant Rachel came up with the dog and cat late Thursday and I was fully aboard all week. We are obviously not in boat conserve mode as we dropped the batteries to 54% (a light got left on all day and the solar did a decent job of protecting the batteries while keeping the fridge going) a cassette got filled in 36 hours and we burnt through 25gb of data in the same 36 hours.

Now back in the house lamps are on, washing machine doing its cycles, oven (electric full on  - both ovens ) radio entertaining us and the internet just being taken for granted at 70mbs unlimited.

Boat living takes a certain discipline..... and it soon gets forgotten !

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