Friday, 18 June 2021

Down south - not on the boat

We loved our time living in West Sussex. We, or rather Rachel lived in two lovely cottages, one in East Dean and the latter in West Ashling - I lived on the boat !

We can't believe how we used to travel up and down the country alternate weekends to see each other. All those miles, hours in cars on top of difficult and challenging jobs. On returning home.... proper owned home in the moorlands we agreed we'd make efforts to revisit when we could. Then the Chinese pandemic was bestowed on us and we could not go down last year, especially as we like to visit our elderly neighbour Gillian, drink red wine and eat olives in her orchard and talk ..... 

So As Rachel's birthday approached we booked a couple of nights in a lovely Hotel on the outskirts of Emsworth  - Hollybank House 

We left on Monday the 7th June and did the long journey dropping Leia off at my sister in laws on the way. Rachel met up with ex colleagues for food chat and catch up's while I people watched in Emsworth harbour with fish and chips .

Tuesday saw us ( after some impromptu piano playing ) walking one of our favourite walks around Bosham harbour  - done many many times and still very much enjoyed.

We then headed off to meet Gillian for Red Wine and Olives in the Orcharh. Gillian is a proper lady, really old school an interesting life and lots of views of the workld that opens up grteat discussions. Five hours later we were running late for our meal at Hollybank, in the dining room overlooking the beautiful gardens. After we ate a great meal we strolled in the 12 acre gardens and watched two deer amble through the woods - lovely.

We enjoyed the small break and will be back for sure  - there are apples to be picked in the autumn !

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