Monday, 7 June 2021

There is something depressing about ....

 ...a boat that is not getting used. It's partly my fault as I have prioritised my motorcycles over the last few weeks since the easing of lockdown. We did of course get out on Percy on the first easing of lockdown,  did the same on the hotels opening allowing me to tick off my Lejog on the Himalayan. 

So today after getting a heads up from Mandy our mooring caretaker that James the farmer had strimmed the grass near out boat ( Grrrrrr !) Percy was splattered with grass. Again my fault as when we left Percy after our April crusie I said I'd come back and cut the grass - cue crappy weather keeping me in doors.

Anyhow we have been over and cut the grass cleared the steps and washed one side of the boat. Percy looks semi decent now but I expect the spiders are back to making their ' we are not aboard this boat' sign.

Got a ton of places to visit and things to at home and on the boat .... I wish retirement came with a 36 hour day ! 

I didn't take any pictures of the after - we were in a hurry to get back and walk Leia and I was feeling crap as I'd had my second jab yesterday. But for the record we were on/at the boat on the 1st June.

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