Monday, 11 October 2021

Ready for the off

It'll be a solo run back over 4 days all being well. It might be a non starter due to my poor resourcing. I fitted the last Greasomatic see here Click Me  September last year  and didn't order more. I have ordered three now for the future and they should be delivered tomorrow so plan B is moor up somewhere and keep an eye on the bilge. I'm sure it will be fine as the existing one has 20% grease left.  

Finished the gloss black on the rear rubbing strake today .... not my best work but lessons learnt for next time. I had to start early and go back ( benefit of using Stone ) to fit the three rear fenders after the paint had dried as tomorrow it'll be us arrive 8.15 dock flooded 8.45 ( could be earlier). Rachel is taking me down but only locking me through the two Stone locks as she has commitments this week  - and we have a imminent arrival of a grandson so we need the boat back asap and to be around to help as and when. Plus other son is moving back from London so one or both of us are needed Saturday to help a partial move. 

Busy times....

A footnote .... the facilities and staff at Stone boat yard are very good. They are busy which is good, shame they could not fit me in for a bit of gas work needed ( not critical) but the insurance surveyor picked up the gas regulator and pig tail were old and could do with replacing. Might have to see what Norbury will charge. If we decide to self black the boat again we will be back here for sure.  


Mervyn said...

Nev, How long does a greasomatic typically last?

Nev Wells said...

You can set them from between 1 month to 12 months. I use the 12 month setting and it works fine.