Saturday, 2 October 2021

Less spit more polish

A job long outstanding - see pictures, is our Morso stove. We've had Percy close on 10 years now and only blacked the stove once, when I can't remember so yesterday 29th September after my dentist check up ( all good -  he was keen to try and refer me get my underbite sorted. I left telling him I don't look at my own face much so if Rachel who sadly does ( has to) feels the need to change the look after over 40 years ....I'd get back to him !

Anyhow back to the stove, after the dentist I hot car'd it to Great Haywood and set to with the blacking 

It was a little therapeutic and didn't take too long to get to this ....

Tea and biscuits later I set to sealing the windows  - inside between the frames and the surrounds. There is not a great gap but now Rachel has sanded and re-varnished them it needed filling with a little clear sealant left with me from the house windows install.

I then relaxed on the boat - sort of planning a raid to Midland Chandlers for stuff for when Percy is in the dry dock.... more of that later.

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