Saturday, 15 January 2022

Let's step back in time

It was the end of November when I last posted something of us doing rather than reflections or thoughts on life etc.  So what did December bring to my life.

Checking back on my photos I was walking the Caldon at the beginning of December, a lovely snowy scene. I recall walking up to one of the four boats moored on the visitor mooring before the winding hole that is there for non tunnel traffic to hear the tell tale sound of a lazy starter battery and the cursing of a canal boater. He'd retreated into his boat muttering before I could offer help.  Not a bad place to overwinter f you have access to a vehicle, if not there is a lot if walking for supplies and water 

Some photos of the snow from my drone of out little hamlet 

I tried my hand at Lemon drizzle cake - very nice it was to 

By the 8th December I'd decided I'd be upgrading my big touring bike. The BMW R1200RT has been in its current spec since 2014 with a few engine and gearbox tweaks. I like the bike it suits me so it was an easy upgrade to the 1250 shift cam engined bike.... this one coming with a sound system installed ! A lot less miles on it, new tyres mot and service as well as two year BMW warranty and breakdown cover....I drove over to Shipley to do the deal and it was delivered all ready a week later. An extravagance but you can't take it with you as they say. 

Biking thirst quenched, early on the 15th December I was meeting my long standing friend Graeme for a lovely 8 mile walk around Curbar edge. The weather was cold but fine and it was a most enjoyable mornings walking.

Some family stuff ( house viewings for sister in law) then on the 20th we were at out oldest sons home visiting and catching up with Teddy and Benny our grandsons. 

Another walk this time 9 miles around the Roaches and Lud's Church with my youngest son who now resides in Buxton.

Then it was Christmas prep collecting the turkey and taking my mum out for food in Uttoxeter - she likes a drive out to different places.

We paid a visit to Christine's resting place to have a chat and update her with all the news ...

Christmas day was at ours with Sharon Andy and Aiden for dinner and tea (Brother in law, sister in law and nephew) sadly I didn't take any photos

Boxing day was over at Toms for some nice food and present swapping as well as a walk along the Erewash canal.... his cottage backs onto the canal. Nice walk somewhat spoilt by a lad - late teenager on a cycle with his big brother or dad cycled by no problem then all of a sudden a massive splash and he went in and right under - some shock to him, he was ok but well shaken up and very cold. We offered help but they said they lived close by thankfully.

The 27th saw us catching up with more family as we were treated to freshly made pizza in Joy and Jeffs outdoor space  - plus I think this is where I collected the bonus of the super cold from Barry whos son Luke was not at the 'do' as he had a cold ! 

The 28th and Rachel was back as work  - working from home while I nipped over to Percy to check all was well. Cold boat but batteries charged so all was good. 

Then is was over to New Quay in Wales for our New Year. We invited Sharon for a break from other things. Part of the reason for the trip was for Rachel and Sharon to meet up with their teacher from their time at a Steiner house school - Eric. Lovely time catching up 

New Year's day and we were on New Quay beach starting 2022 in style. It's a lovely place and somewhere we will revisit.

Chips on the beach - a real treat 

We also went into the sea because we could ! 

The cottage wasn't the best so we came back a day early calling in at Aberystwyth, not a patch on New Quay  

I was beginning my cold so it was ill advised (going against my nurses advice) to go out on the bike. I'd not been out since my Blood bikes check ride mid December. It was cold but dry and I did enjoy it 

I pushed my luck by going back to Shebdon to help my neighbour move her moorings. I was snotty but 'just a cold' 

It's a lovely mooring and I was quite jealous  - ironically it was our mooring when we moved to Shebdon, tainted by the break in that saw us move on to another great mooring that we still miss.

So that's me all caught up  - heading to two weeks of illness !

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