Thursday, 27 January 2022

Plans for 2022

So our beautiful world has started on its trip and tip back towards light as we spin around the sun. Already the days are eeking out their daylight 

We did some planning for 2022 and hopefully it should be a good one health and pandemics allowing. We've had to plan around  things not boaty related as Percy's donk needs some work either I'll have to have a crack at or wait for someone eminently more experienced and qualified .... but that may take some waiting time. We have plenty of time built into a possibly new lifestyle that if Percy will allow will get us some trips ( extended) on NB Percy

So in a rough order....

  • A 3 day motorcycle trip on my Himalayan  to do the Lake District passes with a trip across Windermere on the ferry.
  • Devon and Cornwall for 5 days again on the BMW with a couple of good friends 
  • 6 days cycling across England following Hadrian's wall me and Rachel - organised by Sustrans
  • Snowdonia 360... 360 miles over 5 days stopping in Bala. The 360 is a route around Snowdonia that we will break into segments. This one will be on the Bike bike  ( BMW R1250 RT) with Rachel
  • Off to Normandy with 10 motorbike frends  - BMW again - 7 days tbc'd hopefully
  • Then off to Colditz with two other bike friends that may take in Czechoslovakia  - BMW again and this will take in an autobahn or two to stretch the bikes legs ! 8 days IIRC
  • A family holiday booked for our joint christmas present in a farmhouse in the cotswolds - 5 days Wells going to Wells !
  • Hopefully a walking holiday just before my 60th.... not sure where yet but I have a couple of ideas
  • Then later in the year when I am 60 ffs.... if it all falls into place a two week sailing holiday around the Greek islands.
  • Might finish the year off with a trip to Scotland  ( Moffat) or maybe return to Wales
Some all or none of the above might happen -  I hope we get the change to stretch out legs this year.

Rachel is changing jobs going back to the NHS  - my personal opinion is with her skills she is needed there more now that in education. Hopefully there is an option for some annualisation of hours meaning larger chunks of time can be taken for breaks on Percy. We have set aside a chuck of time to take on an extended trip - boat being sorted. 

So an extravagant year again of holidays. Hopefully I'll get a few trips up to Scotland and day trips into wales on the bikes as well as some cycling in the peaks  - greedy or what.

We also have plans for work on the cottage that I'll try and pick off - one thing it won't be a boring year. 

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