Friday, 7 January 2022

Value your health

We all take it for granted, getting up and getting on with our days, but when you get poorly it gives a different perspective to what life could be like !

I picked up a cold that went on to be a chest infection the day after New Years Day (waiting on my PCR test as I had two of the three 'indicators') Based on the rattle and what is being coughed up my nurse diagnosed a chest infection  - got into the docs within half an hour who listened to my chest and said rattle on right lung - antibiotics. I can't remember the last time I had antibiotics - maybe going back 40 years. I've had a few doses of flu and we all know what proper flu is like.

I'm detailing this as I hate how its put me housebound and in proper man flu mode. I hate the aches and pains the temps bring, the rigours as the body goes into shake mode to get the temp up then the temp shoots up, headaches, hacking cough, productive so it makes you feel sick chest pains from coughing and headaches from being in the same air and coughing all the time. 

I know we all have these illnesses, but I'm recording it to remind myself how crappy it made me feel. Last time I had these temps was when I was living on the boat over Christmas December 2016 read about it here  I remember getting back to the boat on Christmas Day from Toms house and leaving Callum and Rachel to Christmas evening while I went to bed and shivered and sweated  - horrid. Made all the worse at the time as I was dealing with an issue at work ( basically the server room AC power had failed and the backup generators had not kicked in - only when services started going down did someone check the room and the door handle was too how to touch ! ) So I was in work on Boxing day to help the 'critical incident' I don't miss those now, I do sometimes wonder if they still have the systems we put in place to deal with issues like this .... 

Anyhow, nearly two days into the antibiotics and I had some soup today so I'm hoping tomorrow will be the turnover day and I'll start to feel like doing stuff again  - slowly, lesson learnt.

Eat well, exercise, rest, get enough sleep, spend time outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. Worry less love and laugh more. Sermon and record over 


Carol said...

Totally agree Nev, having a bout of illness really does make you think about life and how it might be changed for a better, healthier future. Hope you're feeling back to your old self very soon.

Anonymous said...

get well soon Nev


Lisa said...

Happy New Year Nev, I wish you better from the nasty flu bug. But tell me, did you take your medicine without complaint?


Nev Wells said...

Thanks for the replies, just about sorted still can't get rid of a horrible cough from a tickly throat. Lisa, I was very humble after not taking my nurses advice !!