Tuesday, 24 May 2022

I don’t think we’ll outrun that ….

 …and we didn’t. 

Started off on the east coast in Newcastle, or I think to be precise Gateshead as we were on the south side of the river Tyne. 

Our Skedaddle transport arrived promptly and loaded up the bikes and luggage and we were taken across country with a great deal of helpful information and local knowledge from our driver. Before we knew it we were at our start point … Bowness on Solway. I’ve never really considered this side of the estuary as before I’ve done the Annan side. It’s nice country. 

We had our obligatory start point photo and in a few spits of rain then set off …..

After just under a third of a mile we stopped for coffee and cake ! 

Maybe too smug as we started to cycle in earnest we were stalked by a familiar Cumbrian sight….

We were doing ok, I’m fact we took a risk and cycled on a the route that had road closed signs. This was good in that we had the road to ourselves and in true Brit “over H&S” style the bit of road where they were working was very much passible by us and other traffic.

Then we took a ‘wet gamble’ by taking an off piste route that added just under three miles to our travel and also pointed us into the very black cloud. 

We didn’t outrun it …. 

At least we can consider ourselves full season cyclo tourists ! It pinged down but there is something invigorating about being out in the weather, so we ploughed or rather surfed on to Carlisle where we took refuge in a cycle shop for a decent high vis waterproof jacket for Rachel and a handlebar mirror for me. 

Then a nice cycle through some parks in Carlisle to our B&B for the evening. A warm welcome from Yvette and Norman. More rain tomorrow but no more big towns until we get to Newcastle next Sunday.  


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