Wednesday, 4 May 2022

Sometimes you have to send a Ripple through the corporation pond

I've got a slight advantage over many who dwell in bricks and mortar. Power use on boats is a form of practical science  - a practice and understanding of which those that have a grasp have big advantages. Many many move onto boats and trash expensive battery banks due to poor knowledge.

Power use and cost is big news right now in the UK and I guess around the world - and that's a good thing as anything that is low cost is not regarded as important. Increase the cost and people pay attention to how it's consumed. I understand fuel poverty is a real thing and the government need to support those in such situations. However far too many have alternate priorities and feel poor if they haven't got a new car on the drive, a foreign holiday booked or three subscription TV services on the go..... stop reading now if you disagree or post a comment to add to my learning?

Anyhow we need to change how we do things and one area of this is generation of electricity and storage. We are pending a house battery that'll use cheap overnight electric to be used during the day when its expensive as gas power stations are cranked up to meet demand. Our demand will be met to a degree by the excess electric produced and stored in our batteries overnight.

We are planning on some solar for a part of the house that can be run independently, that'll be a Nev install just not sure what capacity and how to put it in.... I like the idea of the EcoFlow Delta but its expensive and an all in one unit but portable so we could bring 3.5kw  to the boat as and when and plug it in as a shore line within the boat ? As I've invested in Ripple (see below) renewable funds are low so I may go for a boat like install  - separate components for the home office /laundry space at the cottage .

Ripple is a company that sets up co-operatives and manages their wind turbines for them. We registered interest last year on a turbine build in southern Scotland Ayrshire to be precise. We've converted that interest into membership by shares in a co-operative now. So by Autumn 2023 half our annual electricity use will be  provided by this turbine ( yes I know it's not possible to identify individual electrons) We basically get the electricity at the same price as the big corporations get it, the profit and operating costs (some) are our savings. Not massive savings but it'll be a two to three times return on investment and that will depend on how electricity is priced over the next 25 years ! If that interest you read this ..... Click Me 

They call the company Ripple as it is sending a ripple in the cosy corporate pond of power producers... they have a type of monopoly I don't like. Time will tell if its been a good ethical and financial investment... we can only go on our research and gut instinct.  It's a invest to save type as well and change how things are done type investment. Like all investments we understand the risks.

So it raining and the slab laying is on hold, to make good use of my time I'm on to the solar project next! Let the sun shine 

Click me for info on Ripple 

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