Tuesday, 31 May 2022

My Brother-in-law Kev Booth

We met today and listened to his life, celebrated his life and laid him to rest. 

Life is not all roses and adventures but the big picture should be life is love and happiness.  I'm so pleased to know that in life Kev had both in abundance sprinkled with another essential ingredient  - laughter. It is clear to all that knew him he could find humour in the most interesting of places. 

Our lives can easily be dominated by the mundane the sad and boring but look for the fun, look for the laughter and you will be on a road to a happy life. I know Kev was a joker ( he supported Stoke city after all), he liked a pint or two and he loved my sister. Now that is the most important part - he gave Trish 26 years of love adventure fun and laughter. I can't ask for much more in a brother in law and I'll be forever grateful for that.

Rest in peace Kev be assured if there is ever Peddy at the pumps I'll take a pint and raise the glass to you looking down on me and finding fun in what I'm doing.

... and don't worry mate we are family and we will always be there for Trish.

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