Tuesday, 16 February 2021

A day in the life of lockdown Nev

I'm writing this on the 9th February, I have two posts scheduled over the next few days so this one will not appear in blogland until next week .... but for my diary I thought it would be insightful to have a small snippet of a view into a day in the life....lockdown life. I can't use the boat and its too cold to visit to do work so much of the focus is on the cottage right now ...

I'm ashamed to say today I did not wake until 8.30am.... but I did not turn off the lights the night before until gone midnight so over eight hours sleep.... why not. Up and dressed in casuals to take Leia out for a wee and a sniff then it was back into the warm for porridge with added Turmeric and Hemp along with Pumpkin seeds and crumbled Walnuts topped off for sweetness with a banana - quality breakfast that keeps me fed until lunchtime.

After breakfast social media catch up and news. Then it was 15 minutes of Yoga that is a big help to my core and my back.


Then nip outside to start the car for a trip to Cheadle for shopping and posting stuff. Get my stuff together and a 10 minute drive to Cheadle - I could drive to Leek or Ashbourne ( 20 mins) but I have booked a pick up of one of the last bits of motorcycle parts I sold on Ebay the night before ( BMW Nav 4 for £160 !) 

So first stop is one of the small shops on Cross street to pick up a couple of test pots of chalk wall paint for the chimney breast since we had the new wood burner installed it needs doing. Then to the post office to post a small package of nice stuff to one of my sister-in laws from Rachel. Finally a stop off at Morrisons to drop off my parcel for DPD to pick up and deliver to a fella in Guildford  - back home.

Cup of tea

Then lunch - cheese and pickle sandwich - tell me your life is more exciting than this  !!


Tog up for a walk with Rachel and Leia  - just under three miles but its bitter and light snow.

Back at the cottage straight into the workshop for an almighty sort out and reorder  - I've had the heating on ( two rads heated from the Rayburn in the kitchen) Rachel and I set to moving in a sequence ( it was jam packed full and badly organised ) we had discussed while walking - rock and roll or what ! 

Tea and shortbread taken in the workshop

Rachel bows out as its getting dusty in there and I continue with much satisfaction on the progress. I want to make some more bird boxes and a feed tray for the Robin's as I brought some mealworms for them. I want to make a Robin next box as well ..... I can now access my wood store and my chop saw ... happy days. 

Back in the house and computer work on Rachel's Macbook ( VPN update) 


Rachel has made fajitas for tea with a nice glass of red wine


Kitchen tidied up and dishwasher loaded 

Football ( FA cup on the TV while I type this).... all caught up 

Rachel will be working shortly for her teaching tomorrow leaving me to finish watching the TV and some YouTube stuff on French drains - sexy or what.  I have brought 25 meters of 4 inch slotted pipe to put into the ground to help drain the yard and stop a bit of annoying damp that is present every now and again in the garage. 

So that is what a day in the life of lockdown Nev looks like. 

Tomorrow I'll be in the workshop finishing tiding up so I can see my work bench  - might nip back to Cheadle for some ironmongery for a door I refitted. I have a bird box to put up to block the hole the sparrows have been using and I want to make more bird boxes... 

Got some fiddling to do on my new motorbike and might go for a longer exploratory walk along a footpath into the valley I've not done before. I can't take Leia as she's a bit to old now for such explorations.... if it's style friendly it might make a nice spring walk for her and me .....


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