Thursday, 15 April 2021

Oil in engine serviced windows sanded and varnished

Tell me 'you are supposed to go cruising on a canal boat' ? Not sure if we leave it too long between cruises ( pandemics permitting) but we do seem to spend an awful lot of time messing with Percy instead of cruising. I guess it's part of the enjoyment  of boat ownership. Might be because we also spend a lot of time doing stuff at home, or on the bikes, or in the garden. Maybe I'm getting confused with doing stuff against being just lazy?

Anyhow Tuesday we are aboard I refilled the engine with 6.5 litres of Morrisons SAE30  - Golden film.... sounds almost good enough to drink ! I also opened the two big end engine casing bolts to give the required quart of oil when the engine has been standing for a long while or rebuilt. Not sure it was really needed but when it comes to engine internals good regular clean oil is important for longer life  - certainly what I practice on my motorbikes. 

So for the record oil changed April 2021 at 826 hours on the engine. Checking back it was last changed March 19 at 600 hours  - I thought I'd changed it in 2020 but the eff'ing pandemic has not helped access to the boat or my memory. Just checked Ebay where I buy my oil from and I brought 10 litres in Feb 2019 and again in July 2020. So it was due, when it came out it was not in bad condition critically didn't 'stink' which normally indicated carbon in the oil so all good there. 

We've treated Percy to new curtain and in celebration of that Rachel sanded stained and varnished the windows surrounds.  I cleaned to Bathroom and Kitchen while Rachel vacuumed so we are ready to stir up some mud just got to wait on Rachels second vaccination ....always something. 

Must give the engine room a good spring clean ( based on the dust from the picture above)  as well as the forcabin ..... see more fiddling jobs ! 

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