Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Pit stop and beautiful cruising

Another lazy start from our beautiful isolated mooring as I took Leia for a walk as she’s not good getting on and off the boat and sadly seems to prefer being inside now as we cruise, certainly as the day goes on. It did not stop her jumping off at a bridge hole to catch Rachel up, then she tired. She’s like me thinks she is still a youngster. At least she enjoyed the day as did we.

We woke to a lovely show of sunlight on the water in our boat....

We set off to another day of sunshine and quiet canals confirmed  by the guy at Turners of Wheaton Aston who said it was normal April busy for the canal, no surge due to release of lockdown. For the record we filled up with 81 litres of red with the engine counter on 833

I checked back and last filled up on the way to the Llangollen last September with 759 hours so 74 hours for 81 litres of diesel ..... getting very close to a litre an hour and that’s running under load as I tend to charge on the genny. Not bad from a 3 litre 2 cylinder lump of an engine.

We stopped at Wheaton Aston for shopping at the extensive Spar shop and then did the diesel top up. In fact we set off to diesel up at 2.30 and we were exiting the lock at Wheaton Aston at 3.10 ..... almost grand  prix standard ! 

Then just a lovely cruise to our target mooring at just past the winding hole at Chillington bridge. Again, all to ourselves, April cruising is starting to be a real favourite.

Fishing was good with the Roach and Bream taking my bread. I oiled up the engine ready for an early start tomorrow to be on the Staffs and Worcester before those boats that are moving meet us in the Autherly narrows. 

A random selection of images taken today to complete the blog.


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