Thursday, 22 April 2021

Winded on the wide

 Well target reached, what I call little Tixall - the nice remote moorings between Tixall lock and Tixall wide. The cat certainly approves of the remote and quiet mooring. 

We set off after a lazy start, I was feeling the effects of the long day before. As we slid round onto the lock landing at Teddersley their crane was fired up and ‘ Peter Pan’ was flying .....

It was the busiest we’ve experienced as on checking before I filled the lock a boat was in the distance so I opened the gates ..... meanwhile an ex ‘Challenger’ boat came up behind us. That was as busy as it got, we did not see the boat behind us again until they passed us after we have winded and moored.

The section from Acton Trussell to Great Haywood is in my opinion the best part of the northern Staffs and Worcester as it’s rural and the motorway leaves the canal.

It’s nice not to have the traffic we experienced on the Llangollen in September that and the summer like weather has been a real bonus. So a shorter day with us now pointing back the way we need to go. 

I was a tad concerned about winding at Tixal Wide especially when seeing a lot of mud being disturbed but we spun around quite tidily and have a lone mooring now and may stay a day to explore Shugburough.


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