Friday, 30 September 2022

A fix for Nev and diesel fill up for the record

 We had a plan that included a fix for me of the two wheeled variety. 

Before that we motored to Ashby boats to get some diesel. We think it was April 2021 the last time we filled up.... link here   We didn't quite top up but still got 108 litres in at a cost of £146.80 

967 hours on the clock so thats (833 last fill up) 134 hours on I think it would be roughly the same if we'd fully filled up so a litre an hour  - very economical.  

Our stop off destination came into view so we moored and walked the half a mile to the factory for the exhibition and cafe - both well worth a visit and next time I'll come on the bike and do the factory tour - little known fact I've owned many bikes but never a Triumph ! 

A great visit. We then walked to Pets at Home to get more cat food that saw a decent walk undertaken just under 5 miles.

Back on the boat we took coffee then set off on yet again on a quiet canal to moor up in a lovely spot just as the rain came. We are just before bridge 8 tonight. 

Tomorrow will be through Nuneaton and moor up short of Atherstone before the heavy rains come. 

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