Friday, 24 September 2021

All ready for some hard work

For info the hull insurance survey is green to go now I have the contract documents to sign and pay a hefty £780 quid for the work ( I have asked the surveyor to travel some distance) I guess I could /should have shopped it around but I wanted the same surveyor who did the purchase survey as his comments on the hull then were favourable.

I've got rollers and brushes as well as a decent scraper from Amazon and a full bottle of Fertan ( rust convertor) 

Plan is:

Be in the dock on Thursday 7th October drained and jet washed by 11am so the surveyor can do his job.  Then as the boat dries I'll scrape any hard loose stuff off the jet washer has missed then Fertan the rusty bits.

Friday first coat of blacking (unless work is needed on the hull but that'll be subject to staff availability)

Saturday let the blacking cure fully may polish the upper sides roof etc

Sunday second coat of blacking prep tunnel bands

Monday let the blacking further cure and hopefully do the tunnel bands plus and other little bits and bobs 

Tuesday 9am we are back out and subject to other personal stuff may well start the return trip. I'd like to go up through the tunnel back to our Shroppie mooring but may well be single handing and that way will take longer so in all probability I'll got clockwise back to the mooring.

But before that more power added to the boat..... 

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