Monday, 27 September 2021

Starting to fail - again

Last year when we were out and about between lockdowns ( Four counties and Llangollen) the starter battery on Percy started to fail .... the CS2 is a large three litre two cylinder lump to spin up so I replaced the starter with a (what I thought) decent CCA  - cold cranking amps which is the marker for starter performance battery. it evidently was not up to the job as this year already the battery is struggling. Not a problem as with my Smartbank I can join up the leisure bank with the starter with the push of a button and the relay  - a large relay thankfully, engages and the full power of the battery bank spins up Percy, however not good practice to a) rely on and b) for the good of the leisure AGM's.

So I have brought another starter - this time spending more and getting the best CCA I can, this one is a 930 CCA jobbie.

This was fitted at the conveniently close Great Haywood marina the other day by yours truly. However the new starter didn't have the same double fitments on the battery posts, so I used the clamps I had in my 'electrical store' However there were so many connections to the positive I could only get a few thread turns on and I wasn't happy with the reinstall. 

So some googling got me to my 'go to' solution provider  - Amazon and these were ordered 

So today Sunday the 26th I got onto my 90 mpg transport  as I type this there is a national sperm donor shortage as all the wank£rs are topping up their petrol tanks when not needed thus creating a shortage FFS!!!!!!

Anyhow I revisited Percy and did the terminal swaps again.

I had some momentary doubts about the capability of the new fittings current draw wise but am assured they will take the 200 odd amps the starter will draw on startup.

Of course here is the gratuitous shot of my trusty Royal Enfield trampsty at the marina.

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