Thursday, 16 September 2021

It's a shame about blogging and British engineering at its best

Maybe I'm a bit of an anorak when it comes to the old art of blogging  - especially now as there are so few active blogs. Someone recently said there were over 100 Youtube canal vloggers now.... some making a living from it, others maybe not so ! I recently deleted a few I used to follow as they have become quite boring ( as this blog is but its my activity diary after all) 

Anyhow I saw/passed a couple of bloggers today. Just after we undid the armco clips up from Aston Lock I noticed Geoff on NB Seyella, I hailed him as we past but based on his reaction he didn't recognise me or NB Percy. 

I'd forgotten how beautiful this section of the T&M is as it winds its way through the Trent Valley. It always helps when the sun is out and lowish in the sky in its pre autumnal position. 

A fair few geese outside Weston 

We were due in Great Haywood marina on Thursday so wanted to be closer than Stone for the last days hop into the marina. I noted a few likely mooring spots after Weston but they were occupied so we ended up where we were Saturday, just to the south of the marina entrance. No bad thing. I do need to remember that really until above or below Sandon locks and then Burston there are few decent moorings before Stone. 

Blogger number 2 appeared with what we came to hear a lot while moored outside the marina entrance the tell tale whirr or wine of a bow thruster.... some used them a lot others the odd spin up. Out came What a Lark  I think Lisa was a little interested  as to who was taking photos ! 

We then made a snap decision to get the British engineering out of the forecabin and cycle to Cannock Chase. I had the non electric model and tested out my twisted knee ( another sign of old age...) We had a lovely ride out and back by the Shugborough estate stopping off at Essex bridge for a rest, drink and a fig biscuit (Rock'n roll)  and photographs.

All in all a good day ended fishing into the darkness catching some quality Roach and Bream. 

Now about how to get into the marina in the morning ..... reverse back and reverse in or go in forwards. I went to sleep pondering that mini challenge.



Lisa said...

Dear Nev,
I didn't see it was Percy moored up as I was looking into the sun, had I of noticed I certainly would of waved.
I didn't know NB Seyella was about either, sorry to have missed them.
This section of the T&M is just gorgeous with gorgeous pubs to visit.
Fingers crossed we see you on the return leg,

Lisa & David
PS David thinks Great Haywood marina entrance is the worst, he's fluffed it many times, how did you get on?

Nev Wells said...

Hi Both, I really should have walked up to Hoo Mill lock and set it for you and had a chat…. I’m sure you’ll catch up with Geoff and Maggs as they are bimbling along. The entrance to the Marina is weird being on an angle and so narrow. It was Rachel who took us in and reversed on to the pontoon expertly - I was the pole guy doing my best bow thruster impression. Enjoy your trip. We are back out in a few weeks to Stone for Blacking then back to Shebdon, not sure which way yet.

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Nev
Sorry, you’re right, I didn’t realise it was you until we’d gone past!
I was miles away that morning…
Hope you got into the marina ok without too many people watching.��

Nev Wells said...

Hi Geoff, no worries, it was good to see you albeit fleetingly. Keep blogging and keep CC’ing


Lisa said...

May I copy your image of WaL. I will of course give you full credit.

Nev Wells said...

No problem please copy away. Hope you are enjoying the nice weather.