Saturday, 18 September 2021

Quality maneuver by Rachel

Yesterday I said I went to sleep pondering the approach to getting in the marina when we were past it facing the wrong way.

Three options...
  1. Go to the junction and wind with an audience 
  2. Reverse straight in onto C15 ( almost but not quite opposite the entrance)
  3. Reverse back past the entrance then go in forward then reverse onto C15 ( so as and when I take the boat back out its easier )
In the end after me saying I didn't want the winding audience Rachel hogged the tiller and I used our bow thruster ( me and a boat pole) to reverse past the entrance then go in forward then as above reverse onto C15. All done with skill and teamwork with no audience.

We coffee'd up then took a walk to the office to pay our dues and then get some lunch at the cafe.

Back aboard we read and relaxed a bit then started the unloading of the boat with Rachel heading off with the animals while I took three rather smelly cassettes to the elsan then cleaned the fridge and vacuumed  through before following in my car.

So Rachel's holiday is over and for the time being Percy is lording it up with the boats in the marina. Finally got the boat safety agreed for Saturday so no doubt a blog on that later. Still no formal response from the boat surveyor... I'll give him the weekend then call again on Monday.

The reversing challenge 

Quality helmspersonship 

Three cassettes to empty and Rachel's flowers found a final resting place within the Himalayan Balsam that is prevalent in the marina 

Final view over the marina. 


Lisa said...

I am truly in awe of Rachel's helmswomanship.
Respect Rachel, I would like you to teach me to reverse, obviously if my husband attempted I'd either stab or divorce him.


Nev Wells said...

Thanks Lisa I'll pass on your kind words to Rachel. Us blokes can be the biggest arses ever and there have been plenty of times I've come close to getting stabby with myself let alone poor Rachel.

However there is a story to maybe never to be told that includes a winding hole on the Coventry, a post deserted and tears..... it's not very often spoken about !! See I told you I was an arse.