Tuesday, 14 September 2021

The weather person told a fib and “just why”

We resolved to stay put today as the weather people had issued a severe weather warning of heavy rain for Staffordshire all day…. It rained until about 9.30 then nothing thankfully. We took a walk into Stone so Rachel could have a swim and I visited the boat yard to confirm the blacking booking and had a pint in the new Joules Wharf pub - very nice place and an asset to Stone for sure.

Some time ago this parcel of land was for sale …. I briefly considered it for a mooring for Percy but it’s location to the road, a footpath through it and no doubts C&RT reluctance to use a mooring permit we’re enough to to put me off. Someone has taken the risk ….. however the boat was gone today and some locals were discussing it as we walked through the woods on our way back from Stone, the mooring is in no way an obstruction but in my experience one boat becomes 4 very quickly…..

The just why is my frustration at getting people to speak to me let alone do the work for the insurance survey and the BSC …. I am feeling ever more that I am begging for them to do the work…. Even before a price has been agreed. I’m sick of it and will have to try elsewhere if my loyalty the those I have used before is not recognised with the courtesy of a reply…. I’ve booked and had all the stuff needed doing to the cottage quickly and efficiently. Add boat to a conversation as it’s like I’m looking for fairies at the end of the garden.


Nick said...

Based on our experience with trying to get things done on our house you've been lucky with the cottage rather than unlucky with the boat!

Nev Wells said...

Hi Nick, a positive way of looking at it. I have the BS booked for Sat now …. Just the hull survey to get assurances on . Sorry you are having issues with works at your home