Sunday, 12 September 2021

RN fan boys and girls

Friday we moved from our mooring on the visitors above Gailey lock with a 7.30 start only to be passed as I was  getting ready to untie by a Gailey hire boat and then another boat popped off the lower visitor moorings into the lock…. The hire boat was returning to  Gailey but didn’t indicate this until I hung back for them to edge onto the lock landing …. Then more returning hire boats below the lock. A busy day for the turn around crew. 

We moored above Deptmore lock just as the heavy cloud let go …. I tried fishing but leaving my landing net at Shebdon and the frequent heavy showers halted that quickly. 

Yesterday we upped and offed later again holding for a private  boat as I was prepping for departure. As I approached the lock said boat was well off the lock landing tied up so I prepared to go around,  then there was loads of action as the untied and pulled onto the lock landing ….

Below the lock was a long line of RN equipped boats…. I saw Richard ‘The unofficial RN  engineer’ who confirmed it was a RN rally …. Nice to see so many different boats. It would be a great sound when they all departed.

Ended up moored just opposite the entrance (not literally) of Great Haywood Marina which enabled us to go and collect our other car as we will be dumping Percy in the Marina on Thursday for a couple of weeks. 

Today we have visitors so need to be close to Weston for the obligatory entertainment cruise then  it’s three days of mooching as Bruce Napier used to say between Great Haywood and Stone. 

Last time we came this way our first  boat Comet was moored in the exact same place….I guess we are the idiots for paying CART for an online mooring ! 

Leia is on her last legs sadly, she is doddery t9 the point Rachel brought her a lifejacket that seems to make her even more unstable ….so she was relegated to the top of the boat which she semi enjoyed. Hard watching them demise …. She used to love being on the boat now I anthropomorphise her unease and lack of enjoyment. 

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